Here's what our customers are saying...

Great atmosphere for dancers of all ages. This will be my girls sixth and fourth year here at the studio and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere. Miss Lethia and Miss Chelsea are both very rounded and professional individuals. They're very prompt through emails/texts if you have any questions or concerns and you can't go see them in person. One year, my daughter was struggling with Acro and they were attentive to her feelings. They made her comfortable and encouraged her to keep trying because she was improving. It's this kind of nurturing that makes people keep going back. Their showcase is a must do and I look forward to what they have in store for us every year. If you haven't looked into them, please do. You will not regret it!​
​~ Say Her

My daughter has been attending this dance school for two years and she loves it. They are very organized, prompt with all the information regarding any performances and have great communication. They are a very structured school and I love that, I don't have to worry about my daughter being distracted during class and losing focus she is constantly learning. They also encourage positive work ethics in the dancers and is shows. I recommend this school to anyone looking to get their little one in dance to learn as well as have fun.​
~Michelle Delano

We have been bringing our girls to Unique Visions since they were 5 and 2 (she sat with me and watched her big sis). Fast forward 5 years - they love dancing and their teacher, Ms. Chelsea. They have learned so much: rhythm, different styles of dance, an appreciation for different types of music, how to perform on a stage, discipline, and so much more. Sure, there are times when the girls get frustrated or are tired, but they always tell me about the new move they learned or the fun they had in class. There are lots of choices; we are glad we chose Unique Visions.
~Evelyn Reyes

"My daughter ... has been dancing here for 5 years now. She has grown into a respectable, well mannered young lady. Her overall self esteem and confidence has grown beyond words since starting at Unique Visions...If you are looking for a professional teacher who works hard, has a passion for what she does, and provides a diverse place of business that treats everyone the same (fairly) across the board. Then you have came to the right place ... These great people are running a professional business...​"
~ Karen Mills

​Wonderful studio. As a past dancer I searched high and low from Stockton to Lodi and this was the only studio I would send my daughter to. Ms Chelsea is very talented and and is a wonderful teacher. She has the perfect balance of learning, discipline, and fun.
~ Amy Wolf 

My daughter Sofia has been attending the Intro to Dance class for about 5 months. She is shy and it takes time to build a connection with adults but this experience has been AMAZING!  She loves the director, Ms. Chelsea, and looks forward to coming to class.  As a parent with no dance background, I enjoy seeing all the key components-warm ups, stretching, terminology, positions/techniques, and dance.  I appreciate Ms. Chelsea's knowledge, patience, and passion for dancing that she is instilling in my daughter.  The co-director. Ms. Lethia, is always polite, friendly, and willing to answer any question.  This is not just a business, but a labor of love. Thank you very much, 
​~Rubi Duran

This is an amazing dance studio. My daughter loves coming to class each week and practices being "Ms Chelsea" at home with her dolls and baby brother. I love the professional atmosphere and highly respect the talent and time put into each yearly Showcase. Ms Chelsea is a gifted teacher & choreographer, and we are blessed to be a part of the Unique Visions Dance studio family. 
~Parent/Educator - Mrs. Fields​

My daughter and I LOVE this studio! Ms. Chelsea and Ms. Lethia are amazing women. It's very structured and well kept. The studio is always clean. Ms. Chelsea is hands down an AMAZING dance instructor. Coming to UVDC was the best decision I made for my daughter. She loves it too!!! Thank you UVDC for such a great studio, atmosphere and environment.  Two thumbs up...WAY WAY up!!
~ Gwen Johansen​

"WOW! The showcase was BEAUTIFUL! It was organized and ran very smooth!  The best so far!!  Ms Chelsea - Elegance, grace, creativity, success and beauty describe you.  Your sacrifice and hard work is evident through you and your students.  It takes special dedication and perseverence to accomplish what you have.  Congratulations; your achievements are an example to all.  Your determination is admirable and words cannot express my appreciation.  I have watched my daughter blossom as a developing dancer and I owe that to you.  Ms Lethia -I commend you for your patience, understanding, dedication and hard work.  May your future efforts at the studio be equally successful and rewarding.  Thank you for the large role you play in the success of the studio and therefore the success of the students. Awesome showcase - yet again!! UVDC Rocks!!
~Marion Boccia

This is a great dance studio. Miss Chelsea is very good with the kids. My daughter enjoys her lesson!
~Amy Chung

Love this dance school. Best in town in my opinion! My daughter has learned so much techniques and graceful moves. She looks forward to going to class every time. The school has great structure and wonderful opportunities for all the children to participate in. This will be my daughter's 5th year going.
~Dawn Marchini

My daughter started dancing here a couple of years ago. Unfortunately we had to miss last year and all my daughter kept saying was how she wanted to go back and dance with Ms. Chelsea. Yes, this dance studio has rules that must be followed, but it is to teach young girls how to act like ladies, respect for others, and proper etiquette. So, if you're looking for a place for your daughter to become a disciplined dancer, then this is the place for you!​...
~Chantel Aldana

My teenage daughter, a high school sophomore, loves Unique Visions Dance Company so much, she gave up high school Cheer and 6 years of cheering to dance and train with Unique Visions full time. She attributes their professionalism, quality instruction, and love of all dance for helping make this most difficult decision.
~Lori Stoker

We were introduced to this studio by a friend and I was able to bring in my daughter for a trial class; she fell in love as soon as we got to the door and have not looked back since. This is her 3rd season and she is absolutely in love with every class she participates in. If you are looking for a caring, professional, fun, inviting, educational, and technique oriented studio, this is definitely the place to be. You will not be disappointed.​ 
~Pamela​ Pal​acios

Miss Chelsea is great with the kids. She is very structured and teaches the children proper techniques as well as terminology. If you want a proper dance school, this is the place to bring your kids.                                        
~Rosemarie Basi

Here we go tap tap, jazz and jazz I can't describe my daughters smile and how happy she looks when she is in class... great studio, great teacher I love it!! recommended for all out there family and friends that needs any dance classes for girls and boys unique visions dance company is the perfect one...come and give it try.....
~Mayra Zarate

I truly love this place! Both of my daughters come here ages 4 and 5. They take acro, ballet, and intro to dance. They have grown as dancers and as students. Yes they are strict on the rules, but that's what makes is run smoothly for me. Anytime I have questions they are always respond to me quickly. I will definitely keep my daughters coming here.​
~Tarin Lopstain

My daughter just started a few months ago. She absolutely loves it! Great positive environment. Very well organized!!​ 
​~Caren Weber

Amazing studio with a wonderful instructor and manager....my daughter's been going since she was 3 and she is now 7 almost 8. Miss Chelsea is strict with the dancers but knows how to have fun as well. She is fair, respectful and enjoys teaching...The kids learn...They learn which is the most important. I highly recommend this studio.              

~ Christine Casillas

"I just want to tell you ladies,you outdid yourselves this year.  The showcase was truly amazing!  BRAVO!  Thank you so much for not just your professionalism but for caring about all the dancers and making sure they just have fun!  God bless UVDC!  I really love you ladies and I'm so glad my girls are aro​und such loving people.  Thanks again!
~Claudia Arellano

​"I just wanted to tell you what an outstanding performance you put together Saturday!! I was blown away by the level of professional quality of dance!!! Sooo Loved it! The girls were so happy to be a part of  such an experience! Thank you! for being the best!!"
~Nancy Swart

Unique Visions Dance Company has been a delight. My daughter Lilly was so shy before attending UVDC. Ms. Chelsea has really helped bring Lilly out if her shell. I truly appreciate that! Thank you so very much! ​
~ Elana Diaz