Ready to try a class?

Please read and watch the info provided, as it is very important to know before arriving.

What to expect...

Through this short process  you will learn what it's like to be a dance family at UVDC and we will  get to know a little about you to best place your dancer for a trial class.  Everyone must take a trial class before registering with UVDC, so both parties know it is the best fit for the dancer before any extensive financial or scheduling commitments are made.  Let's get started!

When will your dancer try a class?

After completing this process and filling out some info for us later on, we will contact you with a date that works best for your dancer to try their first class, which will be during the recommended class time. You will need to reply to confirm if you can/will be attending this trial class. We do not allow drop-ins at the studio so there are not too many trials in one day; which can disrupt class and interfere with the curriculum. 

Arrive 10 minutes before the class you are scheduled for.

 $15 (CASH ONLY) per trial must be paid prior to the class. If your dancer chooses to register that same week, your $15 will be put towards your first payment of tuition and tuition may be paid by, cash, check or card. You will need to sign a waiver, and of course, we want time to meet you in person! :) 

What should the dancer wear?

At their trial class, they should wear something comfortable that isn't distracting to them or the rest of the class, and bring a pair of socks. Hair should be secured off the neck and face. (please see our dress code page for details). DO NOT BUY ANY DANCE WEAR PRIOR TO THEIR TRIAL CLASS. We have specific shoes and tights in our dress code and don't want you spending more than necessary or being stuck with dance wear they can't use in class.


New student orientation

If you haven't had a chance to browse our website, we encourage you to do so. There's so much helpful info and you will gain a feeling of what we are all about. Here is an orientation video about our studio policies and methods so you can decide if they suit the needs of you and your family before coming to a trial class. 

It may take a little time, but is ever so important to our students learning process and studio atmosphere, so please watch until the end! 

Thank You!

Trial Class Request Form

Please submit the requested information below so we can contact you as soon as possible with a date and time for your trial class.