General Policies

General Policies

- At the time of registration, dancers receive a full handbook on our policies and procedures. Our handbook is intended to guide parents in their child's dance education. There are many new things involved with becoming a parent of a dancer and our handbook is there to make the learning process for the parent and dancer easier. ​Below you can find our general policies that can be helpful before arriving for your first class!

​​- No pictures, video, or recording of any kind in the studio. This is to protect the copyright of studio material and to protect the privacy of the dancers and their families.

- ​Please keep our studio clean. No food or drink besides plain water inside the studio. (Use clear bottles, no straws, with secure lids please.)

- ​Please be respectful of our neighbors by showing good behavior outside: no double-parking, loitering, smoking, etc.

- Cell phones should be silenced and parents, siblings or guests wishing to stay to observe class should sit quietly.  Our open classroom can only be productive if distractions are limited.

- Children should not be left unattended in the studio, or left for excessive amounts of time prior to, or after their class time. 

-  To perpetuate the positive atmosphere and show studio pride, registered dance families should be supportive of the policies set by Unique Visions Dance Company

- Remember we want to help you! If you have questions that are not answered in your handbook, please ask us.

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Do we sound like the right fit for you? We would love to meet you! Please connect with us about scheduling a trial class. 



What are your qualifications?

Ms. Chelsea Hill the director and instructor is certified by examination (Level I, II & III) in the Dance Educators of America Teacher Training & Certification Program in Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, Modern Dance and Theatrical Acrobatics/Tumbling. She's also Acrobatic Arts Module One Certified and has​ earned a B.A. in Liberal Studies focusing in elementary education and has been teaching since 2005. Our co-director Ms. Lethia has worked with children in day care and the school district, been educated in early childhood development, and has the experience of a seasoned dance mom of many years. 

Why do you have so many policies?

While there are several policies to follow, they are the very structure that creates the environment needed for the type of dance education we provide. Because parents are privileged to view and listen to classes, policies are enforced in the entire studio. Our policies protect the learning environment we provide as well as guarantee an equal experience to all our families and dancers. Our policies and structure are not for everyone and we know we will not be the right fit for every dance family, but we support dancers of all learning styles and encourage them to find the studio that best suits their desires. 

Do you offer Pre-school classes?

Intro to Dance is our program for 3-6 years old. They do ballet and tap in a 45 min. class. Not all students are ready at this age so we do a $15 trial class to be sure the dancer is ready. Children need to be fully potty-trained. More information can be found under Class Descriptions and interested parents should watch our orientation video to learn more before attending a trial class. 

How much do classes cost and how often are classes?

Our schedule and price list can be found on our website under Tuition and ​Class Schedule. Each class is once a week, but dancers may choose to take more classes. Tuition must be paid in exact cash, check or credit card by the 1st of each month. (We do not keep cash in the studio.)​

What are your hours? May I just observe a class?

We are open during class times as listed on our website under Schedule and Contact Us and the doors open 10 minutes before the first class of each day. We are eager to meet all new potential students during business hours but we do require students to try instead of observe the class they are interested in. Observing does not allow the instructor to evaluate the dancer in order to place them, nor give the dancer a good feel for if they would enjoy being a member of the company. When you walk through the doors, you are immediately placed in an open lobby to the dance floor so we discourage any extra distractions. 

Do you offer rental space, private lessons, or choreography?

We do not offer rental space, however we do offer private lessons and choreography. Prices depend on the amount of time needed and the type of choreography requested.